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Welcome to the Pound on the Hill “WORD…”! I did not really know what BLOG meant… and I am more comfortable with “WORD…”.  Nonetheless, I needed to know what was expected of me.  Blog… a new word.  I looked it up in an older dictionary. It did not exist.  So… I did what I normally do and typed “Blog define” in my browser. It basically said… to journal on a website or other public forum.
A terrifying task for myself who will not journal for fear someone will know my thoughts or who will not write in ink because it seems too permanent.  Quite frankly… my head can be a very confusing place to live. I write constantly… only it stays trapped inside except for an occasional post on Facebook.  Through these posts I have been encouraged to write a book or a blog.  I have committed to do both. 

Fortunately, these writings will be about rescue as seen through my eyes and not the random thoughts which playfully inhabit my mind. We hope this blog will be both educational and entertaining. “Rescue” must mean not only domestic animals, but the people attached to them. It has been my good fortune to have been adopted into this province… career would imply financial gain of which there is none.  The compensation for my personal efforts has been far greater than money. I am evolving in ways which continually surprise me. To rescue animals and help a community was never a plan.  I have never planned anything in my life.  I simply do what is in front of me; whatever needs to be done. The ability to “flail aimlessly through life” and remain happy is both a blessing and a curse.  It doesn’t create a very stable life for those around me… but life is never, ever boring.

Regardless of the continual and at times, massive changes in our lives, Lee Harrington has stuck by my side.  For this I am eternally grateful.  Lee is as much responsible for Pound on the Hill as I am … probably more. However, she prefers to stay in the background.  Lee works diligently assuring the dogs have everything they need, keeps my crazy at bay and constantly reminds me to perform some of the tedious details in rescue I am forever putting on the backburner.  I can always find something more exciting to do than paperwork.  Lee makes me appear far more focused and organized than I am.

I cannot go further without mentioning Sanderlin Holmes and Susan Pearson.  Without their appearance in my life there would be no WORD…, website or the non-profit organization known as Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue.  Creating such a corporation takes planning, commitment and confidence.  Lee and I were simply doing things that needed to be done in the community. Though we had been here over 10 years, in my mind it was temporary. Prior to meeting these two wonderful women, unpacked boxes from our move to Alabama remained ready for some yet to be known force to call me in another direction. Through their support and belief in what we were doing here our efforts suddenly had importance.

And now we have Pound on the Hill – Massachusetts Chapter.  Lois Bourget, Jennifer Barsalou, Denise Levesque and Carly Capolupo are leading the way in Massachusetts.  They are a huge part of Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue. The majority of our rescued dogs are adopted in Massachusetts.  These ladies perform all the duties involved in finding fosters, homes, background checks, home checks and hold fundraisers.  They provide support to adopters, find training if needed and handle it all with little guidance leaving us time for education, ordinances and rescue in the South.  They collectively have decades of experience in adoption.  We trust them 100% making decisions on our behalf.

Most of all we have YOU! Those who support, follow, share, donate and are willing to step up when we need help.  This rescue belongs to all of you.  We are many, we are strong, and we are determined.  I hope you enjoy WORD…  this is for you. 
Together… we ARE making a difference!!

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