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Our Mission

Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue is a non-profit, animal welfare organization dedicated to improving the conditions for companion animals in poverty-stricken communities.
We provide education and assistance for current pet owners to raise the bar on acceptable care in the community, work with civic leaders to implement better animal care and protection ordinances and save orphaned, neglected and abandoned animals taking them from street to home.


Together WE ARE Making a Difference….



Fostering is the backbone of rescue. We cannot do this without YOU. Though we could pick up many dogs every day, with nowhere for them to go while getting spayed/neutered, becoming healthy, learning manners, we are forced to leave them for animal control to pick up. Fostering literally saves their life! Learn More!



Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue takes pride in their adoptions. Its not the quantity of adoptions; its the quality. POH wants to be sure you and your pet are perfectly matched in several different categories. Adopting a dog is a privilege, not an obligation. As well, it is a commitment. This commitment can be for as long as 12 or more years in most cases. Of course, everyone wants a cute puppy but that puppy will become a dog. When the dog is grown it needs to be one who will fit into your family and your lifestyle through all of his life stages. A lot can change in our lives over your companion's lifetime. A first grader will graduate high school, maybe college! Let Pound on the Hill help to guide you toward a long, loving and comfortable relationship. Learn More!



Boots to ground
Door to door
In the checkout line at the grocery store
Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue
Education is the key
Changing the hearts of humanity
It’s not just a dog
A companion, a friend
It’s… unconditional love to the very end