Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue appreciates your support!

Veterinary care is just a part of what it takes to get our canine companions from street to home.

The majority of our rescues are adopted from our team in Massachusetts. We do our best to assure when Pound on the Hill - Massachusetts Chapter receives a companion they are ready for their home both physically and emotionally. There are many costs associated with getting a rescued dog to Massachusetts. There are many tests required to assure their health prior to transport. Next, there are the physical transport costs. Upon arrival into Massachusetts, the Commonwealth requires 48 hours quarantine where they are checked for disease, parasites and any aggression.

We love our Alabama adopters but there are more dogs than people residing in the State. For now, most will go to Massachusetts here they can get the legal protection they deserve as we continue to fight for better laws in Alabama.

YOU save their lives, we simply guide the way. 
Together... we are making a difference.