Fosters are the backbone of rescue… We have said this a thousand times… but what does this actually mean? It means… without YOU… our fosters… we cannot rescue dogs. Finding a stray dog in need of a home is, as they say… like taking candy from a baby. We could easily pick up 100 dogs and puppies in a week. But where would they go? Into a pen with little human interaction? A street dog may have great potential, but it yet knows how to be a companion. It must learn the trust and love of a person. We can give them the medical care needed. We could feed them and stick them in a kennel, but their lives really do not become full until they meet YOU. To see the transition of an uncertain dog who only knows survival turn into a playful loving companion is a spiritual, selfless experience beyond compare. Yes, you will fall in love with your foster dog and it will be painful to see them leave. However, our fosters give dogs life as surely as they have saved them from certain death. The journey does not have to end when your temporary companion moves on to his/her new owner. We always try to connect foster parents with the adoptive parents so the love may continue from afar.

Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue provides everything needed to foster a dog. We pay for their veterinary needs, provide food, toys, treats, blankets and other necessary equipment. You supply the shelter and love. It is a great way to experience the human-canine relationship without the long-term commitment and expense. This is a great trial run for first time potential adopters.

If you have room in your home and in your heart, please contact Pound on the Hill Animal Rescue and together we will make a world of difference in a dog’s life.